About Us

It’s all about Nature’s Natural Cycle…

In a nutshell, we use nutshells, or coconut shells to be precise. At least, that’s where it all started.

As keen gardeners who often conversed with like-minded, green-fingered friends about the awful overuse of plastic and peat in what should be a wholly sustainable hobby, we decided it was time for a change.

So we went on a hunt to find the most sustainable, biodegradable products from around the world to help our gardens grow and we found them. At first it was coir pots and compost from Sri Lanka, which feed and strengthen a plant’s roots in the most natural way, but since then it’s grown (excuse the pun). Now we’re one of the largest suppliers of completely-organic gardening products in the UK.

From Shetland Isles seaweed granules to Fill-It-With-Anything sacks made from organic jute, we have a natural, sustainable answer to all your gardening needs. We even have chemical-free wood treatment, which lasts a lifetime, and environmentally-friendly pest repellents (at least friendly for everyone but the pest!).

But that’s not all. Over the years we have built a strong following of loyal gardeners keen to share their organic techniques and help ensure we keep our planet habitable for millennia to come. There’s nothing we love more than a good old frank discussion on the dos and don’ts of sustainable, natural gardening and that’s why we created this blog.

You will find everything from bee-related topics to old-school gardening advice in The Natural Gardener’s Blog, and because all our customers are natural gardeners, there is plenty of opinion and tips from them too.

So have a gander and let us know what you think. If there are any topics you want covered or questions answered then don’t hesitate to get in touch, or if you have a discussion you’d like to ignite then please let us know… the more the merrier.

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We believe in Nature's Natural Cycle and only use sustainable, organic products to help our plants grow – that means peat and plastic free gardens. We also take the toxic stuff out of everything from paint stripper to wood treatment and pest control. Come and join the gardening revolution!

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