The only things that we sell which haven’t been made directly by nature are all been made by human hands. Below is just a small selection of some of the fine craftsmanship we provide our natural gardeners. If you want to know more, just click on the product’s name.

Handmade rakes:


The village of Dufton in Cumbria has been the home of hand-crafted hay rakes for the last 400 years. Today John Rudd and his team are the only remaining craftsmen creating these beautiful rakes with only a tiny bit of mechanical help. The head is made from Ash, as is the bow and shaft, which is about 6’ long.  The teeth are made from silver birch, used for its strength, and the whole rake weighs less 4lb.

Traditional Trug Basket:


Our trugs are made by Kevin, one of the last trug makers in the country. He uses traditional methods to make them from Birch by hand. Being made from birch is the reason these trugs have the BSI kite mark because they will come to no harm when they’re left outside. They are all signed by Kevin himself and come in three sizes – 4 gallons, 3 gallons and 2 gallons.

Adirondack Chairs and Benches:


Thomas Lee first created the Adironback Chair in the early 1900s but we have taken it a step further and created the Adironback Family. These beautiful, handmade chairs and benches are the perfect recliners in which to sit and gaze with pride at your garden or the surrounding views (if you have them).

Garden Hamper:


The perfect gift for any natural gardener, whether a beginner or not, this set includes 12 biodegradable coir pots, 12 root-runner coir pots in coir tray a 2.5kg bag of Neem and a 2kg bag of seaweed with a 75g sachet of Mycorrhiza, all nicely packed into one of our 3-gallon, hand-made trugs.

Nesting Boxes:


These nesting boxes are made by our friends in Hereford and there are two designs to choose from. We sell them in pairs though, so you can always have one of each! The first is an enclosed residence for your garden’s birds, with a 30mm entrance, while the second is a more open version. The first are preferred by the likes of Sparrows, Tits, Nuthatches and Dunnocks, while Robins, Wagtails and Wrens love the latter.

Ladder Planter:


Our friends Terry and Paul make these beautifully crafted planters from FSC-approved pine in their Herefordshire workshop. Not only do they look fantastic but because we throw in a pack of our Lifetime Wood Treatment, they will last forever as well. We also include 10 coir pots and a packet of Mycorrhiza to get your planter started and, as they arrive assembled, you can get going straight away.

Wellie-Boot Rack:


A useful bit of kit for any gardener; these racks are made by our friends Terry and Paul using FSC-approved pine and can be tailored to suit your needs, particularly if you wear more boots than wellies or have a range of sizes. Each rack is also treated with our completely natural Lifetime Wood Treatment.

Raised beds:

Tending to one of our raised beds
Tending to one of our raised beds

Our raised beds are all hand-made and allow you to move your garden to where it’s needed most, whether you want salads, vegetables or just a bed of beautiful flowers. These easy-to-assemble beds are the ultimate way of producing what you need, where you need it.

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We believe in Nature's Natural Cycle and only use sustainable, organic products to help our plants grow – that means peat and plastic free gardens. We also take the toxic stuff out of everything from paint stripper to wood treatment and pest control. Come and join the gardening revolution!

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