Toxic & Chemical-Free

We don’t see the need for wood treatments, washing detergents and paint strippers that are full of chemicals, which end up being washed into the environment. Especially when there are so many chemical-free variations that do a better job. Just look at some of our offerings below, and if you want to know just click on the name.

Lifetime Wood Treatment:

wood treatment

This does exactly what it says, treats wood for a lifetime of protection. However, unlike your off-the-shelf varieties of wood treatment, which are full of harmful chemicals and toxins, this treatment is completely natural. This totally non-toxic treatment soaks into the wood fibres, changing the structure so that it protects your chair, bench, fence, shed from rot, mould and fungal growth. Just add to water and splash on!

Soap Nut Shells:

Soap nut shells

These are truly brilliant. Instead of using washing detergents that are full of chemicals which are eventually washed into our water system, use these totally natural, chemical-free soap nut shells instead. All you have to do is place four or five shells inside the cotton bag them come with and shove them in the wash with your dirty clothes. They’ll come out clean and fragrant without all the chemical repercussions.

Non-Toxic Paint Stripper:

non-toxic paint stripper

Paint strippers are usually full of toxic chemicals which end up being washed down the drain and ultimately into the environment. This amazing, non-toxic paint stripper was pointed out to us by a customer and we’re really thankful. Not only is it a completely safe, environmentally friendly wasy to strip paint but it works on varnish, tar and lacquer too!

Artex Remover:

artex remover

Ceilings across Britain were adorned with Artex in the 1970s when it was all the rage but today it looks dated, dusty and most probably covered in cobwebs. Removing Artex is renowned as being the worst job for any DIYer, but not anymore. This totally naturally, non-toxic, water-based Artex remover will leave your ceilings smooth and your knuckles intact.

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We believe in Nature's Natural Cycle and only use sustainable, organic products to help our plants grow – that means peat and plastic free gardens. We also take the toxic stuff out of everything from paint stripper to wood treatment and pest control. Come and join the gardening revolution!

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