Everything we offer is completely organic but we’ve listed a few of our products below just to give you an idea of what we have. All of products, particularly our composts and fertilisers, come from nature and give back to nature. It’s all about Nature’s Natural Cycle after all. You can see a small selection of the products we offer below. If you want to learn more about one of the products below, just click on its name.


Seaweed Granules:

seaweed granules

After being responsibly harvest from the shores of the Shetland Isles, the seaweed that makes up this amazingly nutritious soil enhancer is simply dried before being broken into small pieces. The pellets can be mixed into your compost heap, spread directly around established plants, added to the planting hole for shrubs or scattered over the lawn. It’s entirely up to you but whatever you do, your plants are guaranteed to reap the rewards.

Neem Natural Fertiliser:

neem fertiliser

The Neem Tree has been used in India for thousands of years to provide everything from medicine, soaps, oil sand pesticides to fertiliser, which is what we think it does best. It’s naturally high in nitrogen and potassium but also works brilliantly as a deterrent to pests (particularly eel worms). Despite this, earth worms love the stuff! Just add it to your soil or into the water as you feed your plants.

Coir Compost:

coir compost discs

Our coir compost comes in two forms, bags and discs. Our clients often preferred the discs, as they’re easy to store and can be mixed with water to make nutrient-rich, sustainable compost as and when it’s needed.

Natural Pest and Weed Controls:


Instead of nasty chemicals to control the pests in our garden, we use nature’s own defences to repel all sorts of critters from Vine Weevils, Leatherjackets and Aphids to pigeons and moles. Our range of natural Tagetes will even rid your garden of its weeds, what more could you want?



Mycorrhiza means ‘fungus root’ and it’s easy to see why. The Mycorrhizal Fungi attaches itself to a plant’s root system and because the fungi is much better at absorbing water and nutrients from the soil that the plant, it helps the plant grow. The fungus swaps the extra water and nutrients with the plant’s root in exchange for a range of sugars and other stuff that it loves to devour. It’s a perfect partnership that will strengthen your plants root system and keep it strong.

Wormcast Biohumus:


Made by worms in the most natural way possible, this stuff includes all the macro and micro-nutrients your soil needs. As a result, your plants will grow faster, healthier and your crosp will be tastier! It’s the perfect ingredient for any gardener’s creations.

Wormcast Fertiliser Extract:


This stuff includes all the goodness from wormcast but in a liquid form. All you do is dilute it with water and apply it to your established plants to give them all the extra nutrients and goodness they need. You can also soak your seeds in its diluted form before sowing to give them the best possible start in life.

Biodegradable Coir Pots:

coir pots

These pots are where it all started for us. Not only do these pots come from a totally sustainable source but you can put them straight into the ground with your young plant once it’s ready. As the pots rot down, they feed and strengthen your roots while adding nutrients to the surrounding soil. It’s just the perfect way of using pots and avoids any need for ugly, unsustainable plastic.

Soap Nut Shells:

Soap nut shells

These are truly brilliant. Instead of using washing detergents that are full of chemicals which are eventually washed into our water system, use these totally natural, chemical-free soap nut shells instead. All you have to do is place four or five shells inside the cotton bag them come with and shove them in the wash with your dirty clothes. They’ll come out clean and fragrant without all the chemical repercussions.



This stuff is amazing. Add about 10 per cent to your compost and you see dramatically improved crops, flowers and shrubs. Biochar helps your soil retain water and essential nutrients, increases the effects of green and organic fertilisers, reduces harmful effects of chemical pesticides, suppresses methane and nitrous oxide and comes from the waste of farms, foresters, sawmills, paper mills and council. It also captures 80 per cent of its weight in carbon. What more could you want?

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We believe in Nature's Natural Cycle and only use sustainable, organic products to help our plants grow – that means peat and plastic free gardens. We also take the toxic stuff out of everything from paint stripper to wood treatment and pest control. Come and join the gardening revolution!

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