All of our products are sustainably sourced because we truly believe nothing should be wasted, particularly when it comes to gardening. That’s why everything we sell comes from nature herself. Below is just a sample of our sustainable products, if you’d like to know more about any of them, just click on its name.


Biodegradable Coir Pots:

coir pots

These pots are where it all began for us. Not only do these pots come from a totally sustainable source but you can put them straight into the ground with your young plant once it’s ready. As the pots rot down, they feed and strengthen your roots while adding nutrients to the surrounding soil. It’s just the perfect way of using pots and avoids any need for ugly, unsustainable plastic.

Biodegradable Coir Planters:

coir planter

These are our largest coir pots and are perfect for small trees, rose bushes and deep-rooted vegetables. We grow everything in them from potatoes to carrots because they’re so easy to move and help feed the plant and strengthen its roots as it grows. We have them all over our patio but you can stick them straight into the ground if you like, particularly if you have been rearing an apple tree in one.

Lifetime Wood Treatment:

wood treatment

This does exactly what it says, treats wood for a lifetime of protection. However, unlike your off-the-shelf varieties of wood treatment, which are full of harmful chemicals and toxins, this treatment is completely natural. This totally non-toxic treatment soaks into the wood fibres, changing the structure so that it protects your chair, bench, fence, shed from rot, mould and fungal growth. Just add to water and splash on!

Soap Nut Shells:

Soap nut shells

These are truly brilliant. Instead of using washing detergents that are full of chemicals which are eventually washed into our water system, use these totally natural, chemical-free soap nut shells instead. All you have to do is place four or five shells inside the cotton bag them come with and shove them in the wash with your dirty clothes. They’ll come out clean and fragrant without all the chemical repercussions.



We would be lost without a regular supply of fresh compost but turning our three massive heaps is one of our least favourite jobs. That’s why our Wormcities are so brilliant. They’re produced by Ronnie and Geoff in Dorset and take everything, just chuck in all your kitchen waste (food-wise) and let the worms do the rest. You’ll have extra nutritious compost in no time. The Wormcities are also the only thing we sell that’s made of plastic.

Fill-It-With-Anything Jute Bag:

jute bag

These bags are so strong and versatile you can literally fill them with anything. Made from organic jute, they are also completely sustainable. We designed them ourselves, so you can only get them through us but are a fantastically economical way of gathering all your grass cuttings, lawn prunes, leaves – you name it. They’ll also last a very long time.



All our composts come from nature and give back to nature. We’re a strictly peat-free business and believe that the best composts are the ones that can be sustainably sourced. That’s why we offer a wide range of compost variations to suit all your gardening needs. Come and take a look.



This stuff is amazing. Add about 10 per cent to your compost and you see dramatically improved crops, flowers and shrubs. Biochar helps your soil retain water and essential nutrients, increases the effects of green and organic fertilisers, reduces harmful effects of chemical pesticides, suppresses methane and nitrous oxide and comes from the waste of farms, foresters, sawmills, paper mills and council. It also captures 80 per cent of its weight in carbon. What more could you want?

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We believe in Nature's Natural Cycle and only use sustainable, organic products to help our plants grow – that means peat and plastic free gardens. We also take the toxic stuff out of everything from paint stripper to wood treatment and pest control. Come and join the gardening revolution!

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